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We engaged with Alistair following a recommendation at a Microsoft training event. During our initial meeting, Alistair gathered a good grasp of our current sales process, intended direction and what would be required to get there. I was particularly impressed with Alistair’s direct and straightforward approach. I was pleased to be having a meaningful business discussion, rather than receiving a sales pitch, which was my previous experience with sales and management mentors.

Since this meeting, Alistair regularly meets with and coaches the sales team, both in person and on line. This regular contact and reinforcement has made a very positive difference to both the attitude and the performance of the team.

Alistair has accelerated our journey to meeting our sales objectives and I would be pleased to recommend him to others.

Robert Shoreland

Managing Director, Push Solutions ltd

What has impressed me most about you and your delivery is the unassuming that very definite way that you put into practice what you are teaching. 

To talk figures, we were in a fairly dire financial situation a couple of years back with little prospect of it changing. We were good at what we did, but we had no new business coming in. We are now showing a good profit and the business is starting to grow. Personally I am more confident in my ability to sell, less disheartened by lost sales and disqualifications. I focus on outcome in meetings and keep in mind that everything should have a purpose to grow the business.

Phil Wright

Managing Director, Monkey Puzzle Computers

We have a lot of technical experts in our team, who frankly do not like the thought of having to sell! Our biggest issue was taking a sound sales management process and applying this to create qualified opportunities for the business. They are well placed to see sales opportunities, but rarely ever pursue them as they often feel it is not the right thing to do, or perhaps they just do not know how to do so.

Alistair’s workshop provided us with skills, techniques and practical examples which will enable our customer facing staff to identify, manage and ultimately convert sales opportunities. It was well received from a tough audience who all said how valuable it had been.

Many Thanks for a very enjoyable workshop! 

Sarah Thomas

B2B Marketing Manager, SyntheSys Systems Engineers Ltd

My team and I have had a great experience working with Alistair and have adopted his sales approaches for the whole team. We've never seen ourselves as "sales people" but this approach has enabled us to really engage with potential customers, without putting pressure on them or us.

Most importantly, Alistair has given us the tools we need to grow our business. I don't think I could ask for more than that!

Linda Carrington

Operations Director, Wessex Commercial Solutions

Red Berry recruitment is a busy professional and thriving recruitment agency who pride themselves on offering a top class service to clients and candidates. In order to make sure we are ahead of our competitors, we have to make sure we convert our sales calls and leads into actual business.

So when I met Alistair Powell I couldn’t think of anybody better and more suited to help 3 of my consultants with a ongoing training and development.

Alistair’s natural, caring disposition is a lovely change from some of the hard mode sales trainers I have met, the psychology behind why people buy is essential and even more so to understand the psychology of why someone does not like sales.

Alistair tailored  a 4 month course for my staff, which each time they returned to the office, they were full of vigor and renewed Enthusiasm. 1 of my consultants was not as strong natural sales person so they really took on board what Alistair said.

I would have no doubt whatsoever in recommending Alistair to individuals and companies looking to increase their confidence in sales or looking for a genuine sales approach.

Helen Lacey

Managing Director, Red Berry Recuitment

Working with Alistair has helped us to achieve our goals. We have transformed our processes and our approach. We fundamentally had to change the way we work, we remodeled our sales function. We set the goal of being the number-one reseller in the U.K. for small and medium businesses, and we achieved that. In terms of results and outcomes, it’s an astonishing story. Pictured here with the award from the World Partner Conference, 2013

Ben Gower

Managing Director, Perspicuity Ltd

We have now submitted many proposals which comply with most of what you taught us and two which are totally compliant with your approach.

Those are the ones of which we are most proud and which are most likely to lead to profitable contracts because we have made the effort to understand the requirements, and articulated our response in terms which precisely match the customers needs.

The wow factor which you taught is to use less to communicate more. Cut the waffle, answer the questions, address the key issues, present all materials in an easily legible style and use pictures, charts and diagrams to convey messages which would otherwise be lost in an ocean of words.

Thank you for a fantastic workshop. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who wants to know how to write proposal that win and sell more for his company.

Adrian Harding

New Business Development, Horstman Defence Systems Limited