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Facing up to the money question!

How often do we avoid talking about money. Its no surprise, ever since we were born we may well have heard phrases such as We don't talk about money Its not polite to discuss or ask for money We'll discuss the money side later and so on..... However, to qualify a...

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Visualise your goals for 2016

Visualise your Goals for 2015 At our recent business owners meeting, we spend some time defining our goals for 2016. Very few people have goals, and know what they want to achieve, something less than 10%. But, for us, goals underpin all that we do. Goals lead to...

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We buy emotionally

We buy from people we know, like and trust Have you ever intentionally left one place and purchased from another because of the poor service? Have you ever driven past a competitor to make a purchase from a place you like better? Of course you have. Most of the time,...

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Cold Calling Doesn’t Work!

So many people will tell you that in today’s world, cold calls do not work. Yet, time and tim,e again I have seen this myth blown out of the water. There are right ways, and wrong ways to do it. Make sure you know the right way and your sales will grow rapidy.

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