When I ask business owners this question, they invariably say, it’s so important, one of the most important things, I’m surprised you are even asking me that question?

sales importance

How important is sales to you?

So, sometimes I get them to fill out my Importance Meter!

I ask them to draw in the arrow on the diagram, where zero means not important, and ten means the most important thing.

Normally, they put it in around the 8 or 9 mark.

Then I ask them to think about the other areas of their business, such as:

  • Accounts
  • Expenses
  • Staff management
  • General Admin

and so on.

We then rank these activities in terms of importance.

Now, the next stage is to look at how much time they spend on these different areas in comparison.

your sales calendar

How much time did you spend last month on sales?

Lets look at your diary for the last few days, weeks, or past month and see just how much time you spent on direct sales activity. By direct sales, I mean, talking to prospects in sales meetings, attending networking, social media research and following of potential prospects, and so on.

Well the results are quite staggering in many cases.

Sales forms less than 10% of their day on average.

Then we look at the importance we placed on sales in comparison to other activities.

Shouldn’t your time spent on sales reflect the importance you place on it?

Successful and growing businesses will spend between 30% and 50% of their time on sales.

That’s your benchmark to go for…..unless of course sales is not really that important to you after all?