<img class="wp-image-2687 alignright" src="https://salesbuilder.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/186570-Brandonlow_temp-134×300.png" alt="186570-brandonlow_temp" width="181" height="406" srcset="https://salesbuilder.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/186570-Brandonlow_temp-134×300.png 134w, https://salesbuilder online task management.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/186570-Brandonlow_temp.png 268w” sizes=”(max-width: 181px) 100vw, 181px” />I was reading a blog recently about how traditional sales has changed. “Grandad, what was a “Sales person”?” The author was saying that the world has changed now. Back then it was a seller’s world. This is a buyer’s world. The article is on LinkedIn

I agree the world has changed significantly. I started selling a long time ago, and yes in those days the seller was the source of information. Sellers biased the world their way and there were many bad practices which help create the bad reputation sales often has. Today the buyer does have much more power and information at his or her fingertips and the seesaw has gone the other way. But in an ideal world, should it not be level – buyers need sellers as their products will help transform their business? Its a challenging world now as we are all told to engage, give lots of stuff away, use social media – but we still buy through an emotional connection. There is still a strong chance that when you are buying a non commodity item, you will have to or want to speak to someone.

I train sales people, and I observe time and time again that the most successful ones are the ones who go out there to find new business. So, while many feel the role of the sales person is dead, and cold calls are a waste of time, I still see that there is a role – its just needs to be done well, in fact very well, as the buyer is becoming more and more intelligent.

An interesting anecdote – last week I had a phone call from Hubspot after they noticed I had been on their website, as he wanted to see whether I was interested in buying his product – I’d never
spoken to the person, so it was a cold call, but it just backs up my point!

Don’t kill the sales person off just yet, they have a vital role to play, it just needs to be done extremely well and in a different way.