When you start your sales discussions, how does the conversation go? Is the normal we are great buy from us or do you take the “Sales Doctor” approach?

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Are You A Sales Doctor?

Does your conversation start along the lines of:

Prospect: “so tell me, what is it you do, and give me the reasons why you think your service is better than your competitor?”

Salesperson: “Well, we provide “X” and we think we are the best because, we’ve got the most experienced practitioners in the business. No-one else can match our depth or experience. We’re competitive, and we offer outstanding customer service, etc etc etc”

Sound familiar? Well, its not unusual and probably the way we are expected to pitch our services and convince Mr prospect we are the best.

However, how many times do you think he has heard this pitch, from your competitors, and from others?

What’s wrong? You are not being the sales doctor – you’re being a classic salesperson saying “buy from us, we’re the best!”

You’re wasting your time and your prospects time.

So, what should you say instead.

Well, think of yourself as being a doctor. When you go to the doctor, you don’t walk into the surgery and expect him to take one look at you and say, “boy you look ill, you need these tablets now – they’re the best!”

No, the doctor wants to know more about you, and find out what your problems are – how long they’ve been going on for, and what’s behind the problem. Perhaps that headache you go in for is in fact something much worse and the painkillers you thought you needed are likely to do more harm than good, because the problem is something else.

So, when the prospect says to you

“So, what is it you do, and why should I buy from you”, try turning this around and say:

“Well, we work with lots of companies similar to yours, and we’ve helped them to achieve “Y” but, let’s talk about your situation first, let me understand you, your business and the challenges you want to solve, and how it affects you, and then we can focus on the right areas, because, it may even be that everything is going well for you and you might not need us.”

Notice how we reversed the situation and put the ball back into their court.

Even though we have been invited to pitch our services, we have taken a no pressure approach and even suggested they may not need us – which is 180 degrees different to giving a pitch and trying to convince them they do need us! (Try talking something away from someone and they are likely to try and grab it back – its our natural reaction!)

We are being the sales doctor, looking to diagnose the situation first, before even attempting to diagnose the solution.

So, become a sales doctor, and learn how to diagnose, before you prescribe your solution.

Happy Selling!