Sales Skills for People Who Want To Sell More!

Learn how sales can become a predictable part of your business


Become more confident in sales

Build the competencies and confidence to sell more

What Problems Do We Solve?

We often find that people are comfortable and competent with their day to day roles in their business, for example, designing and developing products, running manufacturing facilities, managing complex programmes and so on. They have been trained in these areas, they have well proven processes to follow, and its well within their comfort zones.

However, what they are often not comfortable with is sales – they do not see themselves as sales people. In their role though, they are often very well placed to identify sales opportunities – they are trusted and respected already by your customers. The problem is – they are not confident in the sales role – often because they don’t know how to approach it, and what process to follow.

We provide them with an approach they can use – one based on building relationships, using questions, working with prospects to identify solutions – and hence increase your business.

Using this approach is 180 degrees different to the traditional approach, which often involves a sales  pitch, and efforts to close the deal. Let the prospect close the deal themselves by using this relationship and questioning sales process.

Generate Leads

Drive more leads to your business.

FInding new leads is one of the biggest challenges for small businesses. We understand these issues and we transform your website and prospecting activities into lead generating machines.


Turn Interest Into Business

Having generated a lead - how do you convert this into profitable business?

We help people to qualify the real prospects from the "window shopers" and turn that interest into long term sales and business partnerships.


Sales Confidence

Become Confident In The Sales Role

Many people hate the thought of having to sell, they don't want to be seen as a sales person, and they have a fear of being rejected - it can be a difficult stigma to overcome, but we show you how.

Who Do We Help To Succeed?

Business Owners

Helping Owners and Managing Directors of Small Businesses to sell more.

MD’s and business owners often don’t like selling, the realise it’s important, but they have no sales process, and no consistent approach. We turn this around and drive new sales to their business.

Directors and Senior Managers

We help your senior management team, technical experts and programme managers to become confident in sales.


Sales Team Recruitment

Finding the right sales person is difficult – and can be costly if you get it wrong.

Sales roles vary, and it’s not a case of one size fits all. We take the pain out of recruitment with a well proven recruitment process that considers both the role and the applicant and how well they match up – rather than how well they come over in the interview!

What our customers say about us!

Working with Alistair has helped us to achieve our goals. We have transformed our processes and our approach.

We fundamentally had to change the way we work, we remodeled our sales function. We set the goal of being the number-one reseller in the U.K. for small and medium businesses, and we achieved that. In terms of results and outcomes, it’s an astonishing story.

Pictured here with the award from the World Partner Conference, 2013

Ben Gower

Managing Director, Perspicuity Ltd

What has impressed me most about you and your delivery is the unassuming that very definite way that you put into practice what you are teaching. 

To talk figures, we were in a fairly dire financial situation a couple of years back with little prospect of it changing. We were good at what we did, but we had no new business coming in. We are now showing a good profit and the business is starting to grow. Personally I am more confident in my ability to sell, less disheartened by lost sales and disqualifications. I focus on outcome in meetings and keep in mind that everything should have a purpose to grow the business.

Phil Wright

Managing Director, Monkey Puzzle Computers

My team and I have had a great experience working with Alistair and have adopted his sales approaches for the whole team. We've never seen ourselves as "sales people" but this approach has enabled us to really engage with potential customers, without putting pressure on them or us.

Most importantly, Alistair has given us the tools we need to grow our business. I don't think I could ask for more than that!

Linda Carrington

Operations Director, Wessex Commercial Solutions

See what we do

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